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    Butterfly Slide HB-XS060

    Butterfly Slide HB-XS060

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    Product Name: Butterfly Slide

    Model: HB-XS060

    Material: Fiberglass

    Water depth required: 30-50cm

    Whether or not a pump is needed: Yes

    According to the tube diameter: De32

    Applicable age: Unlimited

    Product packaging: membrane + blanket packaging

    Product origin: Guangzhou

    Features: Water Park, children's play equipment is designed according to the sketch Butterfly Slide we love the butterfly animal appearance, it was wearing a flower dress, let the children climb in the butterfly back sliding down feeling is riding a fluttering butterfly in the pond water like. Like one of our familiar songs, a little butterfly, wearing a flower coat, flying east to the West...
    In the children's pool, there are all kinds of water in the pool, like children, Hee Haw, how innocent and innocent. The water park equipment can bring a child without trouble, as if it was brought to a fairy tale world.
    Watercraft playground and playthings not only bring children endless joy, but also make every product ornament for the landscape of the park and bring rich content to the whole park.
    Creative design team Guangzhou hopeboat water park equipment limited company has the subversion of the industry, production and installation of customer service operations and other one-stop service, professional to create various types of different themes of the water park, whether or not to wear the brace brace play can experience a variety of activities. She integrates the elements of a horizontal challenge, a vertical climb, a control drop, and a curved air roller coaster to create an exciting and vibrant experience in the adventure park. As a comprehensive equipment, Guangzhou hopeboat water park equipment limited company include various types of adventure experience for visitors, is a "one-stop" project, which is safe and fun.  The whole family can be involved. At any age and skill level, you can feel different levels of stimulating experience and challenges. This is a "customized" personalized recreation.