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    Puppy double slide HB-XS054

    Puppy double slide HB-XS054

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    Product Name: Puppy double slide slide

    Model: HB-XS054

    Material: FRP + galvanized lacquer steel pipe

    Size: H2600*L3600*W2000

    Water depth required: 30-50cm

    Whether or not a pump is needed: Yes

    According to the tube diameter: De32

    Applicable age: Unlimited

    Product packaging: membrane + blanket packaging

    Product origin: Guangzhou

    Product features:
    The dog is double slide according to the animated film "Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck" in the Mickey (Mickey Mouse) pet Pluto (English: Pluto) image design out of a water park equipment children water slide, is also one of the classic Disney animation role. The appearance of vivid, brilliant life, colorful eye-catching, safety and high playability, let visitors into a fairy tale world swimming fun trance.

    The water park swimming equipment sketch Pluto slide design novel, is applicable to water park equipment in the children's play pool as one of the water project, is a children's water slide project is also the park scenery decoration project.
    The glass steel material has corrosion resistance in different pH, salt, organic solvent gas and liquid medium under corrosive environment for long-term use; the perfect combination of non alkali glass fiber yarn and resin, glass steel products with unique lightweight and high strength; can maintain long-term continuous gloss and high strength.