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    Medium and large water village HB-SW017

    Medium and large water village HB-SW017

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    The large scale water village is the newest kind of water village, the modelling is very atmospheric, can play sex is strong. Adults, children, old and young are appropriate. The bright spot is a large shark in front of a 12-meter high, and a large flag flutters around the bucket, and many lovely relief plates are set up in many places. The 7 - and 4.5-meter spiral slides, which glide up and down like the wind, are very cool. And, of course, there are double skid and tube sliders for children. The whole design is very scientific. Colorful and colorful water and coconut trees, water and water, and so on. Of course, there are pyramid tops, buckets, fengshui rounds, water guns, etc. Guangzhou hongbo, professional customized water house. Our company has been focusing on developing the new type of water.