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    About us

        Into the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, water sports and leisure sports became fashionable. Waterfalls, nine to 18 bends of the water slides; rough, man-made ​​wave pool drift; wide range of fun and exciting area playing in the water project; to the thermostat in winter and a swimming pool; highly sought after spa resorts; plus different functions of the SPA,; colorful fountain. Water, leisure, entertainment, fitness, watch out for one of the projects are in today's society's most popular hot spots of consumption and efficiency of investment direction.
        Guangzhou Hongbo Water Amusement park equipment Co.,Ltd. professional to provide you with the above purpose of market research, the overall planning and design, supply of equipment installation, and maintenance, technical advice, operational management, and other train services. Depends on human effort, the company focus on the training and development. Relied on its own first-class design strength and professional engineering and technical team, we will provide you with the highest quality equipment and quality of the project. Excellence, and strive to achieve each project templates engineering. Create economic benefits is important, but to create a good social benefits is our ultimate goal. Each configuration is reasonable, the superior performance of equipment, coupled with our meticulous service, the customers the best return on investment protection, and also made ​​its own contribution to society, and this is our greatest achievement. We provide you with not only the product, more importantly, technology and services! This is our company tenet: honesty, quality first, innovation, service to the community.
        "Priceless friend, friends more than a good one." Only by adhering to honesty and faith in order to have true friends. And we cherish every friend and partner, friends, is our greatest asset. We would like the most sincere attitude, superior quality, dedicated service to work with your cooperation and common development!